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COMODO Firewall Pro 5.10

Comodo Firewall Pro introduces the next evolution in computer security
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COMODO Firewall - Completely protects the computer from virus, spyware, trojan horses, hackers, identity thieves, malware, malicious software, scripts, etc. and all the either internal or external attacks.

Before the application is installed, it scans and checks the entire system for viruses, spyware, malware, trojan horses already installed and displays a list of the found items for their recognition and deletion to start with a clean system.

Once it is installed, it helps monitor the Internet connections and traffic, preventing malicious programs to install on the system by stoping the intrusion attempts. The user decides which software and applications will enter the system and get installed. It offers real time Internet or network traffic monitoring and enables the user for blocking on time all the dangerous threats, before they become active. In automatic mode, it blocks malware without not needed alarm messages or alerts. It keeps away all the hacker threats and attacks.

Locally, it offers complete immunity for external and internal attacks and total protection for the personal and sensitive information. Selected files can be specially protected or moved to a safe database. COM ports are also monitor to filter information coming through them.

The interface is very easy to use. With single clicks the user can display lists of detected intruders, quarantined files, unrecognized files, a white list of the trusted names, brands and vendors that the user allows to get in the system.

Main features:

Manual and automatic update.

Known applications database with more than 10000 items with all the information on risks and possible danger about security for comparison and recognition.

Before allowing Internet access, applications are analyzed and checked for their activity and behavior, and their components validated.

High protection level for drivers against trojan horses protocols. Detections and barriers for attempts of shutting down or rebooting the system by viruses, trojan horses, etc.

No conflict with Windows internal firewall. Comodo Firewall Pro integrates and is recognized by the Security Center (for Windows XP SP2).

Firewall logs to trace the detailed activities of the protection. Error and events reports. White list for allowed items.

Custom-made security level by using the easy GUI.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Once is runing, it really protects and monitors any attempt of change in the Windows registry that can then be blocked before is effective


  • Complex defense settings definition. Many things to set before the firewall is ready
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